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Triphala or “three fruits” is a combination of the myrobalan family of fruits commonly eaten in Asia.   Triphala is a traditional remedy for deep digestive cleansing and balancing and one of the most important traditional herbal formulas for efficient digestive functioning.
Triphala helps to deep cleanse on the micro-level including the villi hairs of the intestines.  Clean intestines are necessary for proper nutrient assimilation and consequent good healthy weight management.  Also, a clean digestive system allows for better digestion of foods and absorption of foods and, therefore, healthier satisfaction with less bulky or nutrient deficient meal portions.
Mormodica chirantia or Bitter Melon is a traditional food used in the balancing of blood sugar and has been used historically for pre-diabetic conditions or advanced blood sugar imbalance conditions.
Shilajit is known historically as the “Destroyer of Weakness” the herbal ingredient, Shilajit, contains over sixty trace minerals and is used for anti-fatigue purposes in traditional medicine.  Shilajit has naturally occurring Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid to help support general strength and vital health. Shilajit is often used traditionally for blood sugar balancing which may help to prevent hunger issues. In traditional medicine Shilajit is considered a panacea herbal remedy since it has so many positive benefits for supporting good health, strengthening and general vitality.
Amylase is an important digestive enzyme that helps to breakdown carbohydrates in the digestive system.  Good digestion is a fundamental key to healthy weight management.
Berberis aristata herb contains naturally occurring berberine which has been linked to the control of blood sugar balancing and anti-diabetic actions
Cardamom is a traditional spice used historically for good digestion, water retention conditions and, thereby, lowering of blood pressure.  Good digestion and elimination of excess water retention is important for heathy weight management.
Protease is a natural enzyme as found in the digestive system that is used by the body to break down protein containing foods.   Lack of protease enzymes can lead to poor digestion, weight gain and accumulation of excessive waste for elimination as a body burden.
Guggul OR Commiphora mukul is a traditional herbal remedy for the maintenance of healthy weight management, activation of thyroid functions and a balance of metabolism.
Boerhaavia diffusa or Purnarnav is a traditional herb used for healthy digestion and balancing of the digestive system and is also acts as a mild diuretic.
Tribulus terrestris is a traditional herb used as a mild diuretic.
Turmeric or Cucuma longa, a natural traditional culinary spice, can help to reduce edema and inflammation associated with over-weight conditions.   Turmeric is naturally anti-inflammatory.

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